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Hello friends, clients, and family. Welcome! I appreciate your visit here to learn a little more about myself and the story behind my passionate world of hair and customer service.

I have been a full-time active stylist in the beauty industry since 2008. I received my original education and NYS cosmetology licensing in 2003. Over the next 5 years, I spent time dabbling in other school and career options. It made for a laundry list of experiences that drew me right back to the only thing I could ever imagine doing. Making you beautiful!

I started my in-salon career at the sink as most new stylists do when they are fresh to the scene and still gathering the experience and tools to work toward a successful career behind the chair. I learned the ins and outs of the business from a wonderful local salon owner who had been running her shop as a non-technical owner for over 25yrs. in Williamsville, NY. My experience there allowed me to learn from stylists who had been in the game for decades. I quickly developed my ways of integrating all of my technical knowledge, creativity, and customer relations into my confidence to work behind the chair. 

I was booked! Soon I was one of the busiest stylists employed there. I am an out of the box thinker and it didn't take long for other stylists to notice my different techniques and ability to achieve looks on clients others had struggles with before. I had ideas. Lots of them. I was producing very well for the salon and also creating more education for my co-workers on the daily. I decided to accept the position as Salon Manager which put me in charge of 10 other stylists as well as behind business needs such as product ordering, educational classes, technical interviews, and of course customer relations. As well as all of this I was still behind the chair maintaining my clientele and booking schedule.

During this time I began a second space to work on the Lower West Side of Buffalo. After 2 years of juggling management and a packed book in Williamsville as well as Downtown it was time for me to step back from managing and continue my focus behind the chair with my clients. As I got busier at my own space I started dropping out days at the salon in Williamsville. In 2016 I finally had no time left in my schedule to work at 2 spaces and I left the salon after 9yrs on wonderful terms.

In 2018 I moved my space into the heart of Downtown Buffalo's Theater District to 700 Main St. As I have continued my education with trips to NYC and Vegas as well as constant internet knowledge my clientele has also grown.

Here at 700 Main St. I create intimate one on one relationships with each client.  Many of them now considered friends or family. I take care to consult with my clients at every appointment to ensure we are all leaving happy and getting the outcome we came in looking for. In this relaxed atmosphere, you will have no problem finding comfort with me where we can hopefully work together over and over again to achieve beautiful healthy results inside and out!

Thank you for choosing to take this ride in my chair with me. As well as opening your heart and mind to me as I humbly work toward creating a wonderful experience for you.


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